In the Gospel for the Fourth Sunday of Lent, Jesus cures the man born blind.  “When Jesus heard that they had thrown him out, he found him and said, ‘Do you believe in the Son of Man?’ He answered and said, “Who is he, sir, that I may believe in him?’  Jesus said to him, ‘You have seen him, the one speaking with you is he.’ He said, ‘I do believe, Lord,’ and he worshiped him (John 9: 35-38).  The man born blind gradually comes to see Jesus as the Son of Man.  He first identifies the one who cured him as “Jesus” and then “Prophet”. Finally the man born blind sees Jesus for who he really is, “Lord”.  Jesus cured him from both physical and spiritual blindness.  My spiritual eyesight is still blurry.  I now see the face of the Jesus more clearly in faces of my spouse, sons, family and friends.  I am not able to see as clearly the face of Jesus in those who have hurt me, disagreed with me, and have harmed others.  How do you witness to your belief in the presence of Christ in others?  How do others see the face of Christ in you?