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“The gifts and the call of God are irrevocable”  (Romans 11:29).

St. Paul in his Letter to the Romans reflects on God’s incredible mercy  given to us through his Son, Jesus.   The readings for Monday of the Thirty First Week in Ordinary Time describe God’s overflowing love, especially to those most in need of mercy.  Reflecting on the generous love of God gives pause to appreciate God’s blessings and to share God’s blessed love with others.   God’s overwhelming love inspires generosity in those so loved.   Don’t be tricked by ingratitude.  Treat others as God has treated you.


Welcome to This blog reflects on the daily reading(s) from the Roman Catholic Lectionary from Monday through Friday each week beginning October 31. Visit to prayerfully reflect on the Scripture for the day and to comment on God’s message for you. God bless you.  Tom Saulin, Consultant, Office of Religious Education, offers this blog as a  service for the parish ministers in the Diocese of Youngstown.